BTE is known as a reputable injection molding manufacturing facility

Manufacturing a variety of products, BTE’s primary focus is quality, innovation, and safety


Storage Totes

In 2007, the stackable storage tote was introduced to BTE Assembly's production line.  This product is made from recycled plastic resin from within the plant, and helps to reduce the Company’s carbon footprint.  These stackable storage totes help make organization easy for all types of items, and they conveniently nest together to save space when they are not in use.  The stackable storage tote is distributed to customers, such as Princess Auto and Home Hardware.


In 2016, BTE Assembly began manufacturing Ecoraster for Purus NA Ecoraster Inc.  Ecoraster is a German-engineered ground stabilization system, and functions as a permeable ground reinforcement.  It can be used for erosion control, or installed in parking lots, driveways, and patios.

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Automotive Parts

BTE Assembly manufactures and assembles plastic automotive components for Honda vehicles.  BTE Assembly is a tier two supplier with injection machine sizes ranging from 85 ton to 650 ton, and have used robotics to automate production processes.